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Welcome to the Fellowship of Women Leaders! 

The roller-coaster ride of gender equality over the past few decades may be depressing to some. But this moment, unlike any we’ve ever known, opens new options for the future — millions of them, in fact. This group of talented leaders may become the first visible wave of role models for the generations to come, redefining the way we pick leaders in politics and business. In short, tales of strong female leaders succeeding through this crisis could lead to a change in the overarching narrative of what a strong leader looks like.


Society at large may become less surprised and more accepting of leaders (s)elected on their expertise, intelligence, curiosity, humility, empathy, and integrity. 

Director of the Hispanic Chapter: Dr. Francelis Gonzalez

Our Goals

1. Build Your Foundation: We want you to participate in FWL to Build a stronger network, gain a more robust worldview, be exposed to new ideas, and learn from industry leaders from all walks of life.

2. Cultivate Opportunities: Learn to identify new opportunities, set goals and achieve meaningful results for your personal and professional growth.

3. Provide Safe Space to Exchange Ideas: Share ideas in a safe environment with a diverse group of peers from different backgrounds, industries, and fields of expertise.

4. Create a Diverse Community: Discover new insights about the different industries, cultures, geopolitical issues, and social dynamics that drive today’s global economy.

5. Community Giving: We want members to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing our local communities and discover the impact you can make right in your own back yard.

6. Empower One Another: Support one another initiatives, careers, and opportunities

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